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My name is Chris David, thank you for engaging with my content.  I am a dad, husband and business professional who loves to travel and live life to the extent of which my career affords me.  I want to personally thank you for engaging with my content and encourage you to reach out if you would like to collaborate, guest post or request a topic.

My Experience and Goals

As a business and marketing professional, I’ve held many roles both with and for marketing agencies. After a decade of experience, I have concluded that all aspects of marketing and business hinge on one thing – clear communication.  Both internal and external communication are essential keys to collaboration, design, developing strategy, managing expectations, as well as delivering reports and interpreting the data.  I have developed this blog as an ongoing effort to document the concepts I’ve learned and to share them with my professional community. This blog serves as a resource for marketing, website development, SEO, analytics, sales, finance, operations and everything relating to digital marketing as a whole.

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