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Full Service Digital Marketing

Syndicate Marketing - Proudly Located in Coastal Delaware

We’re a different kind of agency. We focus on putting the right people, in the right place, to provide the best results for our clients.


Pay Per Click Advertising is one of 3 ways we work to get your brand seen in Search Engine Real Estate.
Search Engine Optimization is an inbound marketing strategy that provides compounding results and ROI.
Website Development
We have beautiful and cost-effective website development solutions for businesses who need to get found online.
Social Media
The only strategy that allows businesses to grow a database of qualified prospects and actively engage with their target audience.
Data-driven methodology to create, implement and sustain our digital marketing strategies.
Content Marketing
Every Digital Marketing strategy relies on a solid content strategy focused on telling your story, and getting that story found online.
Reputation Management
Review monitoring and generation strategies to increase your reputation, and rankings online.
Video Production
Storytelling through high-quality videos that tell your brand story and engage with your audience.

Our Process


Brand Audit and Exploration

Every conversation begins with a comprehensive needs analysis to better understand your business, and market. We’ll dig deep into your brand to identify how well you’re communicating with your target audience, and how well your online presence is performing against your peers.


Online brand and strategy positioning

We keep it simple and outline the message you need to project to your audience, and the places where that message needs to “live”. Spoiler Alert - your consumers are turning to search engines, I can already see it in my crystal ball.


Connecting Your Message with Your Audience

There are many ways to skin a cat - let me rephrase that, there are many platforms where we can project your message, but finding the right one for the right price is the trick. Thats where the next step comes in handy.


Engineering and Optimization

We’ll identify which strategies yield the cheapest results with your budget and engineer a way to keep driving cost per lead down. I don’t care what anyone says, cheap is good! Tell that to my wife.



Helping local healthcare providers showcase their practitioners, and increase their presence and advocacy online


Helping restaurant owners manage their online presence without breaking the bank


We've helped grow a niche dental practice into a national franchise


Helping home improvement companies get eyes on their work

Small Businesses

Turnkey solutions that protect your bottom line while providing big ROI

Business to Business

B2B marketing strategies for business owners and executives

Non Profits

Bringing fresh ideas to invigorate visions

Marketing Agency Partner

White label solutions to collaborate, build and implement proven strategies

Kind Words From Our Clients

We love to deliver big marketing results, and so do our clients!

William AlbaneseApril, 2021

Using Syndicate for our marketing blitz was the best decision our business ever made. Chris takes a hands-on, personalized approach that blows the competition away. Basically, you get a modernized urban approach to marketing even though you're in a rural environment. THIS WAS THE BEST CHOICE WE EVER MADE.

Kristin CroninMay, 2021

It has been such a pleasure working with Chris on our websites!

Joel PiersonApril, 2021

Chris and the folks at Syndicate SEO and Marketing knocked it out of the park on our new website! Next up - digital marketing. We can't wait to get started.

William GangloffJuly, 2020

Made the process smooth and a lot less daunting. We stayed on schedule even during a pandemic and and launched as planned. The analytics are cool. I can see I am getting increased views.

Christy KrezelJuly, 2019

Chris is a master at his craft. Always innovating and looking for ways he can help his client's businesses grow. He stays up to date on new trends and technology and always has the clients best interest at heart. On top of it all he is easy and fun to work with.