Website for NYT Best Selling Author - Michael Cohen.


This is the second website built with Michael Cohen, the first being “Disloyal” which is a New York Times Best Seller. We were approached by Mr. Cohen at the height of the Mueller Investigation and almost did not take on the project due to the overwhelming media coverage of the event. After all, Syndicate Marketing is a small ad agency in Delaware – and while we’re equipped to handle a project of this stature, it was just a tad stressful working on a project that had global attention of this magnitude.  Regardless, it was a success, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity in late 2022.

About Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen is a personal lawyer and fixer for Donald Trump who wrote a book called “Revenge” that delves into his personal experiences and business dealings with the former President of the United States. To promote the book, Mr. Cohen needed a website that would showcase the book’s content and generate interest among potential readers. In this case study, we’ll explore how we helped Mr. Cohen achieve his goals by creating a custom website that reflected the book’s themes and conveyed a professional image.

Client Profile:

Michael Cohen is a lawyer and author who gained national attention as the personal lawyer and fixer for former President Donald Trump. His book, “Revenge,” provides an insider’s account of the Trump administration and his personal experiences with the former president.


Mr. Cohen needed a website that would help him promote his book and generate interest among potential readers. That was the easy part! The first book launch for Disloyal was such a hit that it brought in enough web traffic to crash an enterprise-level server. We identified the issues and were ready for the onslaught of readers this time – which went over without a single hiccup.   Unfortunately, Mr. Cohen requested we keep the book website for Disloyal down, but Revenge is still active – as of April 2023.


We recommended using the same framework as built for Disloyal’s release. This was a proven winner in terms of features, functionality and aesthetic. Reusing a copy of the old website allowed us to get the project completed within a tight budget, and timeline. The website was up and running in less than 2 weeks.

In terms of features, the website was built with enterprise-level security. We’re not at liberty to discuss the particular security stack, for obvious reasons, but it’s been airtight. Additionally, we’ve built the website to be extremely fast, making it available to thousands of users at once without lag or downtime. Big thanks to our strategic partner Greg, CEO of Grace at Work for helping us through both web launches – and maintenance!

To showcase the book’s content, we created custom pages that highlighted the book’s key themes, quotes, and chapters. We included high-quality images and videos that helped to bring the book to life and engage visitors. We also integrated a book review section into the website, which allowed visitors to read reviews from other readers and leave their own reviews.

To generate interest among potential readers, we created a custom landing page that included a brief summary of the book, an option to pre-order the book, and links to other relevant content. We also added social media integration, which allowed visitors to share the website and book on their social media platforms.

To ensure that the website was easy to navigate and user-friendly, we created a custom menu that included links to all of the website’s pages and sections. We also added a search bar to the website, which allowed visitors to quickly search for specific content.


The new WordPress website helped Mr. Cohen to achieve his goals of promoting his book and generating interest among potential readers. The website was well-received by visitors, who appreciated the user-friendly interface, navigation, and curated content. The book review section was particularly popular, and helped to generate buzz and interest around the book. Mr. Cohen saw a significant increase in pre-orders for the book, and was able to update the website with new content and information as needed.


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