Restaurant Marketing Case Study

Gary’s Dewey Beach Grill / 38 75 Brewing

We started working with Syndicate Marketing because we wanted to retool our web page to make it more professional and user-friendly, as well as to increase our social media presence. So much is done online and on our phones now, and we wanted to optimize our exposure in those areas. The team over at Syndicate has been great since day 1. They understood, and continue to understand, the finer points of our business, and our establishment, and this made it, and continues to make it, so much easier to enhance our webpage and our social media platforms. We had our best winter to date, financially, and I believe this has a lot to do with bringing Syndicate on board. And after Covid-19 changed our business model, Syndicate was on point, getting out daily specials and providing ideas on how to optimize resources during a tough time. We are so glad that we decided to work with this crew; they have been great across the board. We strongly recommend.

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