Our Unique Website Development Process has been refined over the past 10 years.

Our core principles rely on effective communication and collaboration. Nobody knows your business better than you, the expert. Before we begin to design, development, or even recommend features, we collaborate with you and your team to develop comprehensive case notes and lay the foundation for your short term and long term marketing goals. We are holistic thinkers who strive to see the big picture, not just the website you hired us to develop. It’s this methodology which ensures your website is built with your long-term goals in mind.

Team Management

Developing a website is more than pretty graphics and programming.   There is a delicate element of guidance required to effectively collaborate, document, implement, and revise throughout our phased approach.

We don’t like surprises, and from our experience, neither do our clients. It’s our belief that clients should be guided throughout this process and consulted on the options available for aesthetic and functionality alike.

Your Website Audit

Before we can make recommendations we take a deep dive into your brand to better understand how we can position your business in the competitive landscape.  We dive deep into the analytics to uncover metrics related to visibility, engagement, and conversion to get a deep understanding of your current digital marketing platform.  We perform market research to get a baseline of what’s been done in your market space and identify market entry pathways.

Website Layout Design

After we understand what content should be displayed we will design low fidelity wireframes to communicate how the content will be arranged in the page layouts prior to design or development.

Programming and Website Development

Using the assets collected and the wireframe we will build your website in a live environment. You will be able to see a live version of your new website as it will appear to your users.  We will review on mobile, tablet and various screen sizes, browsers, and operating systems.

SEO: What good is a website if no-one can find it?

Search engines want website content formatted in a manner which is easy for their “crawler bots” to understand.  It makes Google’s job easier and they reward properly formatted websites with higher rankings. This is known as SEO Optimization and all of our websites come equipped with SEO in place.

There are many factors to getting your website ranked organically including security, site structure, keyword density, originality of content, upkeep, social signals and backlinks. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to getting ranked, but ongoing consultation is available to prescribe a strategy right for your specific accounts.  

Learn more about SEO:Learn More


We will collaborate with you on different options for color, text placement, photography, and site structure. The structure of your website will be built in an incredibly agile system, with many options to easily update a cornucopia of elements.

We will advise and train your team on a simple and effective method for requesting, reviewing and approving revisions. Technology will be recommended to aid in this process. We will also create documentation on how the website updates were made, so you understand how to update the system in the future.

Taking The Project Live

There are many steps required to take a project live. We have a comprehensive quality control checklist which ensures all aspects of the website have been tested and work properly after the website is live to the public.

Implementing Google Search Console: XML Sitemaps, SEO Reporting and Optimization

Once your site launches we will generate and submit an XML sitemap to Google. This sitemap will update in real-time and automatically submit all new pages and content to Google for indexing.   You will have access to a dashboard to verify that your website is indexing properly in Google. Additionally, Search Console contains keyword reporting features so you may better understand what keywords your websites are ranking for, and how to improve your visibility online.  Learn more about Google Search Console and why it’s important for your next website to build.

Google Analytics: We will be able to see how your audience engages with the new interface. Are you getting more traffic? More Click-Throughs? More Time On Page? You’re going to find out. Learn more about Google Analytics. 

Additionally, we will implement Goal Tracking to uncover the performance of your marketing campaigns.  


Hosting doesn’t need to be as complicated as most web dev companies would want you to believe. Our hosting providers include Google, Amazon and Digital Ocean and offer the following simple features and benefits.  

Sitespeed. Your websites will employ triple layer caching optimized specifically for WordPress. Your dedicated server will run on the latest Solid State Drives, meaning they are FAST.   

Free SSL Encryption for added security and a little SEO boost. Let your users know your site is secure with the SSL integration.

Automatic Backups. Accidentally break your site? No worries, we can quickly revert it back and save everyone a ton of headaches.

Secure: All servers are protected by firewalls and routine updates that filter out malicious traffic and keep out the intruders. Additionally, your website will have an added layer of security installed on the website itself to avoid malware infection.

Learn more about our website hosting solutions.

Post-Launch Maintenance

Launching your website project is just the beginning.  Websites are an integral part of your marketing ecosystem. They require ongoing maintenance and optimization to ensure your marketing is producing results, and your audience is getting a great user experience. In addition to ongoing maintenance, promotion is just as important to launching your website.

Quotes for ongoing support, promotion, and consultation is available upon requests.

These services may include:

Ongoing Analytics: Reports to clearly communicate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and make recommendations for improving and optimizing efforts.
SEO, SERP and Local SEO: Much of your audience will engage with your brand on third-party websites like Google Maps. How well is your brand ranking in search engines, and what can you do to improve?
Consultation: Have an in-house marketing team? Great! We can equip your in-house marketing team with the knowledge, tools, and processes necessary to efficiently and effectively run like an agency. Training includes the development of production schedules, automation, campaign management, and analytics.

Next Steps

Want to learn more about our process or how we can help you grow your digital footprint? Schedule a consultation and we will audit your website and map the road to rebuilding your website. Don’t think you need an overhaul? We might be able to work with what you’ve got, but there’s only one way to find out!

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