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After over a decade of listening to wacky Digital Marketing Gurus spew their ethos about how “Content is king”, I’ve decided to create a quick video to explain the absolute basics of creating SEO driven information.

So here you go:

Spoiler alert – here are the top talking points:

  • Don’t just create any ole content, willy nilly! Create content that targets the keywords your target audience would search for when seeking out a business like yours. What good is web traffic if it’s not transactional? Am I right? (yes I am). For-real, if you’re a local dentist and you create blogs about what dental admin software is your favorite, then you’re probably attracting other dentists – not patients. (‘rolls eyes’ – “Cool content bro, thanks for reading.”)
  • Quality is mucho importante! If your blog or landing page is the first thing users see when they engage with your brand, form a search engine, and it reads like a fifth-grade foreign exchange student wrote it – well, you’re probably not doing yourself any good. (seriously, no offense to foreign exchange students, you’re probably way smarter than I am – I was just trying to add a little satire to my video description.)
  • Last but not least – if content is king, and a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth…. at least a bazillion words. Video is the king of content.

In summary, if you care about content marketing for SEO, you should create high-quality content that serves as a resource, includes visuals – like videos or infographics, and targets users/keywords who have an intent to transact or purchase from your brand.


Thanks for reading, good luck out there!