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Syndicate Marketing Launched Delaware Beaches Online 3.0. offering a host of free and premium options that bring value to local businesses.

Howdy, I’m Chris – I’m the nerdy guy who pulls the levers here at Syndicate Marketing. I’ve been oddly eccentric about the Delaware Beaches Online project for quite some time, and if you’ve ever hung out with me, you’ll know I’ve been geeking out about this project for way too long. This vision has morphed into many things, and has been a really fun passion project. Originally, I had the idea for a podcast where I could interview local businesses and bring the “local scoop” to my fellow Delawarean Beach enthusiasts – but that concept couldn’t get legs for a few different reasons. At the end of the day, I launched an Instagram and Facebook account along with a basic website with information about the area. I’ve spent my entire career building businesses and brands for other people – this was a fun way to build a side-brand and see where it goes. Also, I didn’t feel bad experimenting on the site by integrating new technologies and risking “breaking the project” (which are now semi proprietary – hence the vagueness). It was kind of like (and still is) my wacky side-science experiment, a learning experience, and now becoming quite the asset.

Here’s when I started to take Delaware Beaches Online more seriously

One day in late 2021 I logged into one of my SEO clients and noticed their online presence 3x’d in a matter of weeks. I racked my brain trying to figure out which of the on-site optimization strategies could have yielded these results and it dawned on me – the only thing that was different was the feature I put on Delaware Beaches Online.

  • Sidebar: As I’m rereading this, I want to point out that while this particular client 3x’d their search engine visibility, their SEO had a long way to go. I want to be careful about what promises are made here in this blog – but I’ll be delighted to share the case study and story if you reach out and are interested.

“I think I’m onto something” I muttered to myself as I gazed into the search console dashboard. I decided to invest into the project and build the website out to see where this thing could go. We launched the calendar with over 1000 events. That added sitemap size definitely increased keyword rank. But I wanted a platform that ran itself – something that brought value to its users without having me as a variable. It’s an odd obsession of mine – to be rewarded for value, not just time.

Believe it or not, somewhere around 2018 I paid a developer to create a business directory using a wordpress theme (highly rated, and priced). I spent so much time and money building this thing – and it honestly stunk. It wasn’t worth the server space I had it on, so I packaged it up in a zip file and stored it somewhere deep in my hard drive – never to be seen again. I mean, it wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t good enough to hang my hat on. Yadaa yada long story short we built a new one that doesn’t suck! Jokes aside, it’s pretty cool – it has a lot of standard features you’d want any decent local business directory to have – but the best part is, it’s built by locals (Syndicate Marketing of course), and packs a lot of value for not a lot of money.

The used car salesman pitch of the day

Whats it gonna take to get you into a premium listing… TODAY?!?

But seriously, it wouldn’t be a blog without a dang sales pitch, am I right? Here’s the skinny – we’ve got free listings available, for free, that doesn’t cost a thing, and still include a free backlink to your website, best of all, it’s free! (did I mention that it’s free?). Go on, go get your free backlink now, y’hear!

(you get a backlink, you get a backlink, you get a backlink etc…)

Don’t know what a backlink is? It’s a link back to your business website – and it’s fantastic for SEO. Google it – free is a great price for a high DA local backlink.

My hope is that you’ll want to spring for the primo listings at $75 per mo where you’ll get featured above all the cheapskates who got the free listing. This is America after all – you gotta pay to play, or so I’m told. Lastly, there’s the Cadillac package with all the frills and sheen one could ever hope for – at $225 per mo. I know that sounds like a lot, right? Well, you actually get a whole lot, and a ton of value. This top tier is the only tier that get’s placement in the featured listings. Featured listings are on every location page, category page, and basically every page with the local directory.



And that’s not all! One other huge benefit is we’ll manage and create profiles for your local business on a ton of other websites – like Google, Bing, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Apple Maps, NextDoor, and 70 more. Yeah, that’s nuts right?!

Act now and we’ll double your order! (for double the price).

Ok seriously, let’s reel it in. If you’re a local business in Delaware, or a realtor, local content creator, photographer, or a contractor, do yourself a favor and make a free profile here >

As always, thanks for reading, good luck with your next project, and have a super duper fantastic day.