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WordPress hosting is finally easy, powerful and cost-effective.

I often run into agencies who are clueless when it comes to hosting. I’ll be honest, it’s a subject which is absolutely arduous and complicated. Fortunately, I found a solution which I feel I should share – so here goes.

I may not be a full stack website developer or even a partial stack programming ninja, but I have been around the block a few times and know a thing or two about hosting. In 2014 I was building a website department and things seemed utterly more complicated than they needed to be. We pulled in a specialist to help sort out the technical bugs and that’s when I saw the light.. through the clouds, and was introduced to cloudways (super cheesy, I know, bear with me).

What makes one website host better than the rest?

Here is what you should care about when shopping for a website host:

First and Foremost – You Should Care About Support

Cloudways has super responsive chat support available 24/7. They have gotten me out of a ton of jams and helped me with everything from launching a new site to installing an SSL certificate. Unfortunately this type of support is rare. I’ve used other hosts in the past who try to upsell me on everything under the sun, and it’s infuriating when you’re in the middle of a website launch.  Even on the lowest tier plan, the cloudways support is amazing and always available.

Performance based wordpress hosting

Solid State WordPress Hosting

Many cheap companies charge you by the website, and then host your website on a single server with dozens, if not hundreds of  websites on that single server to save money. Cloudways charges by the server and let’s its users run as many websites on that single server as possible. I am using it right now – and my server is $10 a month and I host 14 websites at once! 

Built-in Advanced Caches

Cache is a fancy term for files that are stored and saved in the cloud so your websites can load faster. These files are saved in multiple locations and let your users load websites super fast.  Cloudways offers Memcached, Varnish, and Redis for expedited responses.  

SSL Installation is Included

Most companies charge about $50 a year for this service.  Cloudways includes unlimited SSL certificates with purchase of their host. SSL’s encrypt your users data which improves security and improves your SEO. All this is included for free!  

Learn more about SSL Certificates

Automated Backups

Cloudways gives you the ability to schedule automatic backups of your website on a routine basis. If anything should go wrong, you can launch the saved version in seconds.  

These are just my top reasons why I love cloudways. Hosting is a necessary expense for all marketing agencies but cloudways offers a powerful and scaleable solution which is cost effective and doesn’t require a software engineer to navigate.

Full disclosure – I do love Cloudways, I use it on a regular basis and I am part of the affilliate program. If you do decide to explore Cloudways for your hosting solution, please use my affilliate banner link below so I can get credit. It helps keep the lights on. Thanks!

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