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Website Development for a Fitness Company

D-Fit Plus

About The Client

D-Fit Plus are a niche and inclusive gym that serves clients who may be differently-abled, but are also open to the public and everyone who is focused on fitness. They have partnered with specialty providers, such as The EPIC Foundation, University of Delaware, and BrainyAct, to bring our members top level services for the differently abled. D-Fit Plus enables special needs individuals to explore fitness as a means by which to build social skills, grow cognition, build confidence, and manage stress.

Project Requirements

Rebuild their current site (built in Drupal) in a modern, agile and intuitive system that is easy to update and maintain.  Drupal has many limitations and concerns due to it being outdated compared to newer content management systems. One of the most significant concerns for using Drupal CMS, or content management system, is the lack of developers who specialize in the system, which leads to costly updates and outdated/vulnerabilities. Another large limitation is the difficulty of making custom page templates on this CMS, as well as updating existing pages.

We were honored to work with D-Fit Plus on their website creation, and help their vision and goals shine with a new and modern CMS, or content management system.

New Content Management System

We build all of our websites on the same content management system (WordPress) that was implemented for Maillie.  The CMS offers the ability to create new custom templates without going through the design, development, and quality control process. This was a substantial improvement for Maillie’s marketing team as they needed the ability to develop and modify their page templates quickly and efficiently (which was not possible through their old Drupal system).

Our WordPress websites all include an agile page builder, and intuitive interfaces that allows for quick and efficient updates without needing an entire design and development team. We also imported a massive template library, that helped Maillie seamlessly create, add, and alter pages to meet their wishes. Syndicate Marketing also implemented analytics that provide instant feedback to the company. These analytics can be used to make data driven decisions to help redevelop their pages to better match SEO trends and the current markets for the certified public accountant business.

View The Live Project?

Project Screenshots